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Me and My Invention

Hi, my name is Andrew Newell.  I'm married to my wife Lisa and I have twin daughters, Emily and Julia, who are currently attending college.  I spent about 25 years in corporate America working in Finance. I got tired of the corporate life and thought there must be a better way to earn a living.  I wanted my work to be in a field I was passionate about, something that added value to my life and my community, and I wanted to work for myself. 

In 2013, I leveraged all my resources and purchased a Preschool & Afterschool business.  I ran that business as an owner/operator for about 5 years and I absolutely loved it.  In 2017, I received an offer from someone that wanted to purchase my school.  I decided the offer was too good to pass up and I sold my business. 

While I was considering what I would do next, I decided I'd grow my 1st beard.  I started watching YouTube videos related to growing and maintaining my new passion, my beard.   I immersed myself in the bearded culture and became an active participant in several social media platforms where the bearded community was active.  Eventually, I started my own YouTube product review channel, "Blazing Beards".  I've reviewed hundreds of products and have interacted with so many wonderful people and companies in our bearded brotherhood. 

Based on the knowledge I've gained, the friends I've made, and my passion for all things bearded, I decided my next work venture had to be in the bearded community.  But, in what capacity?  I wanted to be different, unique.  I wanted to solve a problem that many bearded men face daily when maintaining their beards.  A problem that I often experienced myself.  The problem was I would fix my beard to perfection before going out, only to have the wind or the rain mess it all up.  Like most men, I don't carry a bag to tote all my man tools around with me and I don't want to store beard products at my work or in my car.   I thought to myself, wouldn't it be nice if there was a small portable beard multi-tool that I could bring unobtrusively with me whenever I travel outside the house.

The tool I envisioned would have to be small enough to carry in a pocket or a belt holster.  It would have to be functional yet include all the necessary features including a place for you oils and balms, a beard comb and brush, a mustache comb, scissors, and even a mirror.  It had to be cool, sexy, and sleek, something any beardsman would be proud to carry.

I've spent almost 3 years working with professional designers, product engineers, and manufacturers, to invent and bring the "BLAZING BEARD TOOL" to market.  I think we've succeeded in surpassing all our lofty expectations.  Get yours today and take care of your Blazing Beard!